Kirsten Powers’ Insurance Cancelled: Obamacare Not ‘Quite The Way They Sold It’


Liberal Fox News contributor Kristen Powers

Liberal Fox News contributor Kristen Powers


A Democrat and huge supporter of the Affordable Care Act revealed that her own health insurance plan was cancelled, despite the president’s claims to the contrary, and that premiums for her replacement plan under ObamaCare were going to almost double.

“If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period,” President Obama repeatedly promised. “No one will take it away. No matter what.”

Well, not quite, noted “The Kelly Files” host Megyn Kelly to her guest, Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers Thursday.

Powers, who has supported Obamacare from the start, agreed and admitted that (more…)

‘The Kelly File’s’ Rating Surge is Legit, Nielsen Says: Crushes Maddow, Silences MSNBC Chief Phil Griffin

       Photo by Ron Antonelli/New York Daily News

Megyn Kelly hosts the Fox News Channel's new show "The Kelly File."

Megyn Kelly hosts the Fox News Channel’s new show “The Kelly File.”

Via Daily News: Nielsen has conducted an investigation into the ratings for Megyn Kelly’s new Fox News Channel show, “The Kelly File,” following grousing by MSNBC chief Phil Griffin.

The investigation has revealed that the numbers for Kelly are accurate.

Last Tuesday, the day after its debut, “The Kelly File” doubled its audience, crushing “The Rachel Maddow Show,” its MSNBC competition.

Griffin called for a probe, dubbing the ratings feat “impossible.”

Nielsen executives declined to comment.